Whittier/Prince William Sound

Whittier is located at the head of Passage Canal and was originally a portage route for the Chugach Indians of Prince William Sound as they traveled to fish the Turnagain Arm.

The city of Whittier itself is a historical landmark, established by the United States Army during World War II. The Whittier railroad to Portage was completed in 1943 and became the primary debarkation point for cargo, troops, and dependents of the Alaska Command. The Whittier base remained active until 1960 with a total population of 1200.

The current population of 300 who reside in Whittier primarily support the Alaska State Ferry, Alaska Railroad, Alaska Hydro Train, tank farm and 300-slip Small Boat Harbor.


  • Many Alaskan gift stores are located
    along the Harbor Triangle.
  • Guided kayak tours.
  • Salmon and Halibut Fishing
  • Hiking the Portage Pass Trail, Shot Gun Trail


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