Top 6 tips to put more items in your luggage

Top 6 tips to put more items in your luggage

Sometimes packing luggage is the hardest thing within traveling. It happens as usual at the beginning and at the end of your journey.

Following these tips, you will find out how to pack your luggage better:

Roll your garments

Everybody from the flight attendant to military members both understands this skill: Rolling your garments is the most effective way to fit the most in a luggage. In addition, rolled garments tend to wrinkle less than folded garments.

Place something inside your shoes

Shoes make up much space inside your luggage. Let them do double duty in one by packing them full of tiny things like jewelry, ties or socks, and underwear. Put your shoes on their side to the biggest area.

Zip and add more something

You think that your suitcase is full of items and you can not stuff anything on it. Do the following step, you will have more space to put something more. Try closing and zipping your luggage completely even you have to sit on it to make it work. After that, you reopen your luggage and attempt to add the things in any available spots (corners, areas among bigger things, and so on). Sometimes, when you press the luggage by zipping it, you will realize that it just makes up a little bit space when you open it one more.

Save area with travel space bags

You possibly buy wonderful space-saving bags which can shrink big and complicated garments (like sweaters and jackets) into a tiny, sure-fire unit. Have the travel version of these bags and you will save area and hold your garments arranged and wrinkle-free. Common zip-lock bags in many kinds of size can be utilized to gain the same effect for much less money.

Use packing folders

A replacement to space-saving bags and packing cubes, packing folders usually come with a board, which support you to fold garments usefully and connect multiple things to save area. For example, the 18-inch keeps nine to 12 things including bigger clothes. Your luggage will be well-ordered and seem emptier!

Get an enlarged suitcase

This is the most suitable way to put more into your suitcase is to have a luggage which increases with your packing demand. Enlarged suitcase doubles as two bags in one, sometimes beginning to carry on size but increasing to a bigger bag once needed.

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