Top 5 incredible underwater ruins

Lost cities and lost civilizations have always attracted people’s interest. There are several legends of sunken cities where they remind the Atlantis. Here are a top 5 incredible underwater ruins.

Cleopatra’s Palace from Alexandria, Egypt

Cleopatra’s private chambers seem to have been washed away or submerged by an earthquake with over 1,600 years ago. Authorities decided not to put all the artifacts found there in water to create an underwater museum in the coming years.

Former Port Royal, Jamaica

Also known as “The worst city in the world”, the old Port Royal was a place of fornication, prostitution, and Pirates of the Caribbean. A part of the city under water suddenly came in 1692, after a powerful earthquake and parts of it have actually plunged vertically, staying intact on the seabed.

Submerged temples of Mahabalipuram, India

According to local belief, the famous Shore Temple from Mahabalipuram was the last of the seven temples in the area. How locals insist that six temples are submerged and authorities and researchers found in 2002 a series of underwater ruins, legends could be true.

Yonaguni-Jima Island, Japan

Located near the east coast of Taiwan, Yonaguni Islands are a special attraction for tourists due to underwater ruins, discovered accidentally in 1995, an adventurous diver. He found a very large artifact made of massive blocks of stone, with an age of about 8000 years. Some people argue that the artifact is evidence of the existence of Mu (mainland disappeared like Atlantis), while others argue that it is man-made and naturally formed. The latest theory seems weakened by internal structures resembling pyramids civilization Inca of South America.

Pavlopetri, Greece

Pavlopetri ancient city, the oldest known submerged settlement so far, is at a depth of 3-4 meters under water, near the coast of Laconia in southern Peloponnese peninsula. The ruins date back to at least the year 2800 BC. AD and supposedly was a thriving port in the Bronze Age. City, perfectly preserved in the Aegean waters, includes buildings, streets, tombs, graves and 37 which is believed to date from the Mycenaean period.

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