Top 10 tips for cheap vacation

Top 10 tips for cheap vacation

Booking a vacation is seen to be a challenging task, which is full of strain. While there are too many choices, you may feel at a loss. You even don’t know whether you get the best deal or not. You are in a divided mind as to what to do: click-to-buy right now or wait until the price goes down.

Follow these useful tips to have a cheap vacation:

Booking as soon as possible

It can be clearly seen that the earlier you book the better price you get. If you hope to get the best deal for a vacation, you’d better book as far in advance as possible. The airlines, hotels, travel agency always have promotion program for slack season particularly the airlines often release thousands of cheap flight tickets 6 months before the departure. Grab deals when available to save up to 50% or 60%.

If you want to visit the most popular European destinations like Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and Greece, you have to book nine months in advance. Room rates are usually at their lowest when availability is at its highest. It’s even more critical to plan from time on for school holidays. These days sell out quickly and will rarely lower the price. You shouldn’t travel in the first week of the school holidays – these are the most crowded and costly.

Wednesday is “diamond” day

Instead of leaping on the nearest Saturday, think with a more mid-week mind. Fewer people fly on these days so flight prices drop to attract buyers.

Think about going on vacation from mid-week while others choose weekend holidays. Because not many people fly on these days, the flight ticket prices reduce to get more buyers. Starting your trip on weekdays instead of the weekend can help you save a lot of money on flight tickets. A Wednesday-to-Wednesday trip can make you save up to 50% on flights comparing with a Friday-to-Friday trip.

Of course, it can affect your working week but it worth arranging your work.

Online booking is a right choice

Checking flight prices and booking online or via the app is very popular these days because of its convenience and money saving. Booking last minute hotels via Expedia’s mobile app can save up to 40%.

Get notification from cheap flight agents

Some websites or Facebook fan pages or Facebook profiles offer to keep you updated when the price of marked holidays or flights go down. You should really try this when you are in no urgency to book. Sometimes, the flight price is so cheap that you can book without thinking whether you can go on that day or not. Skyscanner is an example. Sign up to their alerts and you will receive their notification when the cost of a set flight drops. You might track up to 25 flight options at once.

Avoid holiday seasons

You worry about the weather, which can not be fine when you travel out of season? It’s not always that bad.

If you book a Caribbean vacation in May or June, which help you save 30 percent on rooms compared with the season from December to April. The weather is still fine, as it might rain, but never cold.

In Europe, May, September, and October is often the best of the year to go on vacation because you don’t meet the top crowds, and hotels always lower their price. The simple rule is to take a trip a month before or after the peak times. During these time, the weather is quite ok but the price significantly lower.

Book late (especially in May and September)

It might go completely against the first point, but if you couldn’t book early for a trip during school holidays booking late can pay off.

Some experienced travelers say that you can save up to 50% in last minute hotel and flight when holiday supplier down prices if tickets haven’t sold.

This tends to happen just before and just after the main holiday periods and the best late deals often in May and June and also in late September and October. By this ways, you can still get cheap holidays.

Mix and match

You might save money by going and coming back in 2 different airlines. It’s worth spending the time to look around, finding the cheapest flights as it can help you save hundreds.

Check carefully before going on board

When you book flights, use online search tools to help you find the lowest fares and check what extra fees could be added, so you are not shocked when check-in.

TripAdvisor also provides a flight search tool to help the traveler find low fares, show luggage fees, and even show previous passenger photos of the plane.

SeatGuru is also useful. It will view where is the best seat on the flights, remind you about the airline hand baggage requirements, some other rules of the airlines.

Be flexible

You can use many filters when searching like searching by location or price or date. Skyscanner shows you all the prices of one flight in a full month, so you can grab the cheapest time.

If you search by location and do not have the definite final destination, check the cheapest place to come on the day you want to go traveling.

TripAdvisor search has a function which lets you know the real-time room price across a range of booking sites. Anyway, the more flexible you can be, the more money you can save.

Fly on September

You can save as much as 54% on flight fares by traveling in September compared to August.

On the report of Skyscanner, travelers coming to Europe will save the most on flights to Alicante, where the average flight price drops to £133 ($218) in September compared to £286 ($469) in August and the weather is still fine.

Other destinations such as Barcelona, Faro and Tenerife also see the price go down to over 20% in September when travelers from London to New York can save 18% for this time.

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