Top 10 things to avoid in Paris

Seductive charm of Paris is legendary. The entire mosaic of charming cafes, museums, and restaurants sumptuous chic French capital makes a destination irresistible. Browsing guides dedicated staff and seeing pictures of City Light expectations of those who come here for the first time are high. But there are some issues however disappointing that it’s good to know not to fill your regret, your first visit to Paris. Here are some good tips to follow to avoid any inconvenience holiday.


Avoid shopping on the Champs-Elysées
Champs-Elysées is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world. But beauty should be maintained and the famous thoroughfare abounds in luxury shops, cafes extravagant, lavish movie sites and all sorts of other large and small spaces that you can not achieve unless you want to spend money steep. Luckily costs nothing to admire the charm, opulence, and luxury of the famous glitter artery. Make sure however that while walking on the boulevard, you will not grab hunger. Why? Because if you think about it arrives in one of the cafes or restaurants checks, you have to remove very large amounts wallet.

Instead, you can shoot a fleeing covered passage of Paris.
Since the nineteenth century, this was the first shopping malls in the city, and under the glass roof arcuately will find all kinds of unusual, perfect for a shopping cart Exotic: French designer items, antique shops where you can buy books extremely valuable good price, art galleries and shops of toys, clothes and original souvenirs. Vivienne Gallery, located in the north of the Royal Palace is a very elegant place worth visiting.

Do not spend more money on food than necessary
Host over 60 restaurants, and proud displays Michelin stars, Paris gourmet paradise. Drop your mouth water and form the food you are served is a true work of art. But cost. A lot. To get an idea you at any of these restaurants can reach top pay table with the same money that you gave the ticket. So if you want to enjoy a leisurely vacation and have spending money for each day we recommend …

Bistros. Le Comptoir du Relais is one of the most popular. It looked so that it will be hard to find a free lunch (world reserve this place for months before). Do not give up because it deserves to experience a snack here. Go directly to local and see what meals are free and can get lucky. Prices are more reasonable and the service and food are excellent. Cafe Constant is also a good option if you want to eat well and not pay a fortune. House specialty roast chicken is spoiled by the delicious sosouri and packing.

Do not spend all day at the Louvre and Orsay Museum
In all tourist guides is an essential objective. But often you have the misfortune to miss huge queues at the entrance and inside to escape not crowded. In addition, you can take into account the fact that as art per square meter can become tiresome at some point.

Instead, when people flock to catch a bit of Islamic Art, Greek Etruscan or you can choose to see museums lesser known but extremely interesting. These include Orangerie Museum, Marmottan Museum, and Rodin Museum, acetates latter being in a beautiful villa with a spacious garden and rich in vegetation. Rodin Museum is known to be the most romantic museum in Paris. In addition, in Paris also found galleries with different themes (art wine, fashion, money, etc..) That will surely capture your attention.

Do not make an outfit mistake 
Even if he can find your holiday in a very hot period, exclude option to wear shorts in Paris. That unless you really want to be treated like a tourist completely uninspired. As the French would say “we are fait step”. Parisians avoid to dress like she was going to climb Everest but do not over-zealous in their place to the most chic clothes. A casual outfit (gray and black are colors winner) is perfect to get among localities.

Without taxi
Do not think to use taxi to travel in the city. They come hard and do not stop in the street even if they flag. Intotdeana have to call ahead and announce the exact spot where you take over. Moreover, you can get in case you get stuck in traffic, the meter the amount of growing slowly but surely and you stand targeted site. Clear recipe for holiday malaise.
Instead put into practice ride. A great way to know the city, to enjoy looking at the shop windows and the local bustle, Sena, lights. If you want to travel over longer distances, down to the subway. Regardless of where you are in Paris, you’re not 500 meters away from the nearest metro station (metro closes at 2:00 pm Friday and Saturday and other days at 1:00 am).

Avoid visiting right away the Eiffel Tower
Leave a visit to the Eiffel Tower for later. Last year over 6 million people visited the famous goal. What does this mean? A mass of people who styrofoams to reach the top of the tower but then to go through another attempt to descend, when crowding is even greater.

To enjoy a wonderful view as you can instead to book a table at Les Ombres, the restaurant located on the roof of the Museum Quai Branly. The scenery is the magic of Paris and the Eiffel Tower and the menu is an excellent gastronomic offer and the price given the location.

Don’t limit yourself only to French croissants
Not limited to croissants. Yes, they are young, they are tasty and smell in the morning is very inviting. But once you’ve satisfied the pleasure of taste, try colorful small cakes called specifically French macaroons. The most popular bakeries where you can find are Ladurée, Pierre Herm, and Gerard Mulot.

Do not give up stereotypes
Waiters are perky, traders are not helpful and kind everyone is-nosed? So speaks the fair, among tourists. It is true that Parisians are more reserved and does not leap to wish you “Good day!” How you see, but their culture is not intrusive. During your visit, try to take away local customs. To learn some phrases in French does not hurt. Comercinatii of stores usually greet new guests in the room and expect to be welcomed back with “Bonjour Madame” or “Bonjour Monsieur.”

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