Switzerland – The fairy realm

Which are the reasons why you should choose Switzerland as a holiday destination?

The first and most important reason why you should go to Switzerland is the beauty of this country. I think there are very few places in the world where you find so much beauty concentrated in relatively small areas. Therefore, I would also be very hard to recommend only certain places. Each, in part, is unique and special in its own way. Another reason why you should get to Switzerland is the tradition of this country, which began in the nineteenth century, was created by British Romantics. When they first arrived in Switzerland, they were fascinated by the beauty of this land and helped at his development.

It is incredible, but the British are the ones who brought skiing because then you get to overshadow the tradition and perform this sport. Then, once you arrive here, you will find that services are of high quality and excellent transport methods. You can go from one place to another without any difficulty, no need to have a personal car. Public transport is excellent throughout the country, there are maps, explanations in each state, and local talk, usually several languages, so it would be impossible not to find a way to communicate with them. Finally, yet importantly, I think there is no need to mention that Swiss mountain resorts are outstanding.

What happens during the holidays?

The Swiss Christmas is more a family holiday. However, around the New Year across the country enter the festive atmosphere. Everyone goes out to enjoy themselves, dance, and some choose to go skiing. This year is extremely favorable for proper skiing, snow already covering most of the country. I say this because in past years there have been cases when the snow did not come only in January, making the people wait with great impatience. Of course, a special experience is to take advantage of rural tourism. You can rent horses and carriage and can travel distances between cities, which are quite small. You will discover absolutely superb scenery and walking will be charming.

What should travelers know before traveling to Switzerland?

A big advantage is that the Swiss do not need a visa, being at the same time, and one of the most accessible destinations. Then talk about housing, it is important to know that we are a country where even the categories of hotels are respected. For instance, it is a four-star hotel, you really will be treated as such, but if the budget does not allow you checking in only two or three stars, no need to worry, because there are conditions more than reasonable and, more than that, you’ll get quality service, regardless of hotel that you will choose.

As I said, the infrastructure is very well developed, and in terms of public transport, I recommend you take your valid licenses both on trains, buses as well as trams over a longer period, because they are more profitable and will give you the opportunity to go without care from one locality to another, whatever you like. Gastronomy is also special.

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