Perfect holiday for your family

For everything to go well, you have to think about the smallest details. Before the day of departure, do yourself a list of what you got. In addition to things instead raincoats or sweaters thicker, if that is cold, do not forget any first aid medical kit, you need to have medication appropriate for all circumstances (cold, stomach problems, allergies, neuralgia ), plasters, disinfectant.

Because it is still mosquito season, and other bugs that can create discomfort, you should have on you and an insect cream. Do not neglect the sunscreen. Even if the weather does not seem to be so warm and the sun have slowed, ultraviolet radiation and now can create problems. Children and adults with lighter skin should use products with SPF 50, and others, depending on the skin, from 10-15, and for the dark skin up to 30 average colors.

The road, more pleasant

If you have young children and go on a road slightly longer drive, good to have at your games and booklets to keep them busy, to not become bored and restless. For the bigger children, you can try various “contests” like, “Who sees first a red car” or try to guess the distance to a goal that is seen in the distance. The driver checks the exact mileage and distance winner is the one who was closest to the exact number. If you go by plane, it would be good to have things absolutely necessary for each of two different luggage (perhaps one to hand). If one of the bags is lost, no one will get hurt on vacation.

Active relaxation

Arriving at the destination, whether you traveled, whether you only to the edge of town, you only enjoy a well-deserved rest. However, remember that children want a more active holiday then maybe you want you and your husband. Even if you sat down to do a barbecue, make sure that they can run freely (do not have that because of possible dangers surrounding dwell with you), have a ball or anything that can be played. It would not hurt nor for princes to remember of childhood and to play some football, play volleyball or – why not? – Even hide-and-seek. Also, a small excursion in the neighborhood, where they can pick flowers, but also discover places and lands, will be greatly appreciated by children.

Cheap alternative

Even if you can not leave even for a weekend, right there in your town are so many places to visit, a nearby park or forest where you can spend moments where the great to relax and children to run freely and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

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