Kaleiçi, the little secret of Antalya

Singing Fountain gives classical music therapy and may be extended in the romantic slow pace clubs and restaurants with typical oriental. It’s like exploring a miniature country in the heart of Antalya. Here are the houses of Safranbolu and Mugla cities, picturesque doors from Ayvalik and Bergama settlements and narrow bands from historic hamlets of Turkey.

Beside them lies lazy Historical Bazaar, with its shops selling tapestries, carpets, silk scarves and textile dolls from Cappadocia. Old walls, churches and mosques date from Roman and Ottoman, like many places in Anatolia Plain.

Here’s the old port of entertainment. Looks different in the morning and evening, but it’s nice both times, with flashing lights at dusk and an orange chain along the seawall. No wonder that King Attalos II of Pergamon told that this land is heaven on earth when he first came here. The story goes that two thousand years ago, King Attalos sent a vanguard in world order:

“Find a place that stirs envy of all kings and princes, a place that draws all eyes! Discover a paradise for me!” When the messengers came to where is today Antalya, realized they had found the paradise of the king spoke and sent a messenger to inform him. When Attalos came here, he commanded a city to be founded and to be called Attaleia after his name.

A pampering day 

The first objective is Hadrian’s Gate (built in honor of Emperor Hadrian from 130) and preferred by lovers of history and picturesque. You open up a fountain singing well-tuned musical repertoire and aquatic performances. One lazy afternoon, choose a tram ride along the coast to admire Konyaalti Beach, known for its delicious ice cream from taverns and playful dolphins nearby park. In the evening, you can enjoy ballet, opera, and Turkish music.

Rustic accommodation

At dusk, you can retire to a cozy guest house with garden and pool. Chefs will prepare you for kebabs and vegetable goodness, sweet and slightly spicy sour. And do not miss the opportunity to visit local houses crammed with branches of orange, lemon, apricot and palm leaves. Your hosts welcome you with love, you have old wells, which still operates, and Hayat’s a large balcony where you enter the rooms, each with its fragrance and design.

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