Havana: the city with salsa rhythms

Havana, the city divided between splendor and decadence, where the tourist gets hypocrisy displayed by wealthy seniors and the controversial state called Cuba. Hemingway’s stories about, Havana, and freedom dreamed of Che Guevara, the smell of cigar smoke and rum drinking sweet black rhythms of salsa, attracted here hungry world to see and live the simplicity and luxury of beautiful resorts, with the exclusive hotel.


Havana, between vintage and contemporary on Cuban rhythms in Tropicana Show

Here in Havana, the fascinating capital of Cuba, time is not running. People are like being removed from the 50′s, you’ll see vintage American cars, very old houses, but at the same time most elegant collections of urban buildings across America. Markets of the old town area, called La Habana Vieja make you cross the narrow streets and enjoy one of the finest views of El Morro fortress. Relaxation has its place in Bodeguida del Medio, a club where Ernest Hemingway used to go to taste Mojito, a cocktail of white rum, mint leaves and lemon, become very popular in all bars around the world. The evening should be devoted to the famous Tropicana Show, a dream show, live it displays its talent over 150 costumed pompous dancers, exciting Caribbean rhythms of cha-cha, mambo, and salsa.

Indispensable accommodation can be found very easily, especially if you have more money and you want to stay in an elegant Art Deco mark where to be found. As a recommendation, you can stop at Casa 1932. Here everything is vintage, and the owner is an expert designer in the history of Havana, knowing from Cuban movies to old stories about Cuban cigars manufacture. Prices start from £25 for a room for two people.

Guitar Festival for temperamental people and Tobacco Festival for tobacco enthusiasts

In Havana is held annually “Guitar Festival”, where everyone dances to the rhythm of his guitar and vote on the best singers of the shows. It takes place in May and is visited by over 500,000 Cubans and tourists, through the whole world. If you are fond of theater and you are in Havana in September, before the hurricane, you can enjoy “Havana International Theatre Festival“. During March is organized “Tobacco Festival”, a meeting of those who love Cuban cigars at the same time a haven for smokers faced at home with the law that prohibits vice in public places. Here is smoke fill and everyone has the privilege to see the factories where tobacco sheet twisted with passion.

One of the most famous factories is Partagas. Carefully fold the women here Havanese, then sell them to the rich, offering a lot of money on the subject of their passion. On the last night of the festival are held auctions where purchased by hundreds of thousands of dollars in special boxes very precious cigars obviously handmade.

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