Free tourist attractions in London

London is known as a very expensive holiday destination. There are many attractions and vacation activities that you can enjoy without having to remove any pound in your pocket. What follows are some attractions that you can see for free in the London metropolis.

1. Free Museums
In London, there are a number of museums, famous or unknown, which can be visited free of charge. The British Museum is one of the most famous sights of London. Museum works since the eighteenth century and now houses about seven million exhibits from ancient times until today.

Other museums have free admission, and Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, and Tate Britain. There are also art galleries and open access, and the National Gallery, which houses one of the finest collections of Western European paintings, from XIII century.

2. Parks and gardens
In gardens and parks can get away from the bustle of London city. To see the oldest royal park in London must get to St James’s Park, located near Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and Parliament Building.

But one of the most beautiful places in the metropolis green is not on earth but in height. Kensington Roof Gardens are the most famous gardens in London, located high in a building.

3. Cathedral Westminster Abbey
Place of coronation and burial of kings, and the celebration of royal weddings, Westminster Abbey is near the Palace of Westminster. The Gothic monument is one of the oldest and most impressive sights of London.

4. Westminster Bridge
Another possibility is to see free attractions to make a visit to some of the most attractive bridges of a city crossed by a river, as it does with London and the Thames. Westminster Bridge is a bridge impressive, offering impressive views over the city and the Thames.

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