8 things not to do when traveling by plane

No matter how excited you with your journey,  you should not forget that there are rules of conduct that must be observed. To avoid observation to be done while standing in line at check-in or during the flight, here are eight essential rules!

1. Do not skip all

In line at check-in or boarding, most have become accustomed to flock like sheep to the sheepfold. Make sure you get to the airport on time. Thus, you will not be tempted to squeeze or skipping a row. Do not place the luggage on the way and keep a good distance from the passenger feel your face.

2. Do not go out with the house for you

Especially low-cost companies face problems when passengers want to get on board with luggage larger than allowed. To avoid everyone because you swear delay and not to make a dramatic scene at the boarding gate, go to the website of the airline that you will fly and find out what size should have checked baggage, but also the hand.

3. Do not block access to the aisle of the plane

When you got on the plane, find a place quickly and do not stop on the road, while other passengers waiting behind you. If you want a place, buy a preferential place.

4. Put the belt

The seatbelt is not a fad. If you took flying, you have to respect the rules of the board.

5. Sit down

If personnel on board announced that passengers must sit down, do not be a hero and you post the aisle, just to be the first to fall.

6. Watch what you eat

Even for short flights, many are tempted to buy foods that more or less fragrant. Even feel the need to eat soup for two or three hours flight? Do not bother others with strong odors. Sandwich or a packet of biscuits is an alternative.

7. Do not let children scream

If you are a parent, make sure you know how to control your child in times of “crisis”. Nobody is forced to bear a child screaming and kicking.

8. Do not open the phone than when you are allowed

The plane just landed and staff announced that phones must remain closed. Not cool at all if you ignore the instructions and you get to call your relatives when you’re still on the plane.

9. Do not stress your neighbors

If the passenger next to you does not seem to want to communicate, do not insist. Do not do anything other than becoming stressful.

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