8 places that you must see them in this life

New York – every shopaholic’s dream destination

Besides that New York is the center of fashion, is the decor of more than 200 films every year! In addition, the city is known for its diverse culture, media, art and culinary specialties.

Taj Mahal – the most extravagant monument built in the honor of love

Can you believe that these mausoleum walls were kept white although the building was built in over 350 years? In India, the building is considered one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. The story of monument says that the king of India, Shah Jahan, built this monument in memory of the two wives, Mumtaz Mahal, who died after the birth of the 14th child in the battle against rebels from Burhanpur. She asked the king to build a tomb, to remarry and to love their children.

Machu Picchu – a mystical place

It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a good enough reason not to escape unfrequented. Is the most popular place from Peru. The landscape of ancient ruins is absolutely phenomenal. Machu Picchu is framed between two mountains, the view is captivating. Walk through the Sacred Valley of the Incas is an unforgettable experience and can not be compared with anything in the world!

Great Wall of China – another wonder of the world

Great Wall of China preserves a rich history that starts from the seventh century BC but continued to build hundreds of years later. Figures that revolve around this fascinating monument are impressive: the Great Wall of China has 4,000 miles long, and during its construction, more than 3.2 million Chinese died. All around this miracle circulated myths, including one that can be seen from the moon, but this is false.

Eiffel Tower – the symbol of Paris

Most often, Paris is called “city of lights”. Last but not least, is known as the most romantic and chic city with fine restaurants and shops. It is best to visit Paris in the spring. You have many attractions to visit in this city: Champs Elysees or the streets of Montmartre. What not to miss is the Eiffel Tower. Over 200 million people have visited this symbol of France since 1889 until now.

Victoria Falls – a cheap destination, but full of adventure

Did you know that this waterfall was one of the wonders of the world? And not for nothing! Those who come here can enjoy of special animals in their natural environment, and elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebras, baboons and lions, bridges or tossing water rafting. Nothing beats the sight of a curtain over seven million liters of water collapsing to 100 meters.

Pyramids of Egypt – temples of the Pharaohs

I heard many stories about the pyramids, that I was completely captivated. From the traps built to protect the tombs, to hidden treasures and drawings and hieroglyphics on their walls. With over 4,500 years old, the pyramids are the only “survivors” from the list of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Venice – The city of dreams of Europe

The streets flooded with water takes you through the work signed by Bellini, Titian, and Tiepolo. The city is famous for works of art here. Since the nineteenth century, became one of the places visited extensively by the “rich and famous”. Last but not least, is known for its festivals such as the Vienna Film Festival and Venice Biennale. They attract each edition, numerous big names on the cultural scene in theater, film, and musicals. In some periods of the year, the city is very crowded, even overcrowded.

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