3 destinations in food heaven

In any holiday destination, one of the greatest pleasures of the tourist is to try the local cuisine. There are unique destinations in the world for its ingredients, atmosphere, rituals of cooking and dining. Discover how a holiday show for foodies. Here are three destinations in food paradise.

Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing, China
In Beijing, there is a night market which has gained world renown because of quirks that are sold here. Market opens afternoon on at 15:00 or 16:00 and stay open until 22:00.

For most foreigners who come here, Donghuamen Night Market is a perfect place to do photos. For others with a strong stomach, the night market is a very good source of fresh eating creatures: silkworms, scorpions, grasshoppers, etc.. The market can find almost anything, including oriental food such as lamb kebab, chicken or beef steaks, baked corn and others.

Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco Nazionale, San Miniato, Italy
Situated between Pisa and Florence, San Miniato is a town in Italy known because of truffles. In forests in the area, between September and December is looking truffles. In San Miniato white truffles there is a dedicated market, which operates over three weeks in November.

Here is a festival dedicated to truffles. San Miniato is considered one of the most productive areas of Europe in terms of truffles. The region is popular for wine, olive oil, and artichokes.

Roquefort Caves, France
In southern France, French cheese lovers can go to see the village of Roquefort. Here, milk is one of the most popular and common types of cheese, Roquefort.

There are natural caves in the region known as the Roquefort caves (caves of Roquefort Les) which mature over 22,000 tonnes of cheese each year. Roquefort caves have a micro climate favorable for bacterial growth which helps to get this type of cheese. There are guided tours, with explanations and tasting in the caves.

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