Preparing our Children for Schools

Preparing our Children for Schools

5 Reasons why an education is important:

  1. It improves the quality of life.
  2. It provokes human development.
  3. It is a human right.
  4. It is important to economic development.
  5. It is necessarily for political stability and democracy.

Our children are one of the most important resources and making sure they are prepared for adult life is the responsibility of parents and schools together. Nearly every parent wants to see his or her kids grow up to be successful in career or business. Nearly every parent wants to know that their children will be well adjusted and possess all the tools necessary to cope with challenges throughout their lives.

Seeing our children through to a good life as adults start long before school. We want our kids to integrity, a good work ethic and we want our kids to get along with others. Many parents take the time and spend the energy to ensure these qualities are part of their children’s character. As parents, we find ways to teach our children about responsibilities.

All that we teach our children before they enter a school environment should lead up to what they will learn in school. The school is not just about reading, writing, and math. The school is about building on the foundation that parents build in their offspring. In school, your child will learn, fundamental skills as well as responsibilities, problem-solving skills, culture and how to work in groups.

8 Reasons why you should support public education:

  1. An educated population is a cornerstone of democracy.
  2. It reduces costs to taxpayers.
  3. Public schools are the only schools that must meet the needs of all students.
  4. Public schools create an environment of interaction for people from all different ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds.
  5. “Education is the best provision for old age” Aristotle.
  6. More than 95% or more of future jobs will require a high school diploma.
  7. Poorly educated workers raise the cost of products for consumers when retraining and remediation are needed.
  8. Children are our nation’s future.

As parents, we can and should work with our child’s school to build a strong foundation that leads to successful adult life. We should be watchful of their progress by paying attention to grades, homework, behaviors and any information that the teachers offer. Parents raise better children when they are deeply involved in things like parent/teacher conferences and especially when they are involved in school activities.

One of the things that happen when children start to attend schools is they often start to become more independent. This can be a time where parents worry and feel like they are losing control over the child and the child’s future. This feeling can be alleviated by continued involvement. Ask teachers for information about behavior in the classroom, playground and how the child reacts to authority. Teachers are usually very watchful and have a great amount of experience in understanding the behavior of children.

While many parents want their children to become doctors, lawyers or have some other hopes for their child’s future trying to force or coerce their children to the parent’s own agenda is likely to cause more harm than good. It is usually better to watch their child for what that child is passionate about. Support things that the child gets excited about and watch them make that a lifelong passion that leads to a happy and successful adult life.

While the above is common advice and may not be received by every parent in the same way, it is important for parents to be involved as much as the child allows. You may not be able to help your child with math or grammar but you can help them develop study habits, pay for a tutor and take other steps as advised by teachers and other school staff. The earlier you start and the more you are involved the better your child’s chances for success.

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